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Creating beauty, health and
culture with the mind of nature

With nature, people and culture as its corporate core values,
Maiim delivers beauty and health through its cosmetics and
health food, and creates and shares a pleasant culture for both
nature and people.

The corporate philosophy strives to allow many people to enjoy the plentiful benefits of
nature, and based on its knowledge, it carries out research and development for the safest
and the most effective products starting with the ingredients through the development
process. Since the early days of its establishment, leading up to present, it has been cherished
by many people for its outstanding quality through its pursuit of creating only the
best products that become steady sellers.

Furthermore, with the corporate vision of creating a pleasant culture for the people, Maiim
has led the way in creating a healthy culture possessing the sensitivity of nature that is
unique to Maiim. Maiim continues to offer new conceptual exhibitions, performances,
lectures and other aspects which make up the culture, which all people can enjoy.
In addition, MaiimVisionVillage is a corporate training institute of Maiim and a place to
experience the corporate identity. Maiim fulfills its corporate values towards nature and
people. In supporting the popular culture of creating beauty, Maiim exhibits the harmony
of beauty and nature, and is enabling MaiimVisionVillage to become a place where healthy
culture in beautiful nature can be enjoyed, through the blended landscape of nature,
buildings and various cultural contents, which cannot be found among any other existing
corporate training institutes.

Beautiful and healthy world through nature... Maiim will continue to deliver beauty, health,
and pleasant culture with the mind of nature.

2383, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea, 06711 TEL +82. 2. 2186. 6300 FAX +82. 2. 3473. 3244