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CEO Greeting


About us

With the mind of nature...
We strive towards our dream

At Maiim, we took our first steps in business with the
commitment to love nature, while genuinely serving people.
And we have since developed into a corporation with an
established history.

Through it all, nature was our most reliable supporter.
Lighting the way with it’s warm sunlight, providing fertile
soil, clean water, flowers, leaves, and an abundance of fruit,
and washing away our sweat, with its refreshing wind.
Every single one of our customers was our true companions.
The love, encouragement, and support of our customers
who did not let go of our hand, were indeed the hope that
allowed for a stronger foundation, on which to build Maiim.

All of you are our true companions
who did not let go of our hand...

Having reached this point in laying the foundation, with its
deep love of nature and people, Maiim will continue to strive
towards greater beauty and greater health based on the
purity of its initial commitment with stronger technology.
And with that in mind, we will lead the way towards a more
pleasant culture in which nature and people can coexist.

Thank you.

Hong, Hae-sil
CEO, Maiim Corporation 홍혜실

2383, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea, 06711 TEL +82. 2. 2186. 6300 FAX +82. 2. 3473. 3244