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Maiim "With the mind of nature"

Like the gentle breeze, like the sun shining down on us,
We will deliver the richness of nature with the mind of nature.
With the love for nature, people and culture,
Maiim will deliver only the best from nature for the beauty and health of people.
And will create and share pleasant culture for nature and people.

Maiim Cosmetic With the mind of nature,
beautiful more beautiful...

The power of life from nature cannot be imitated by any means.
With the best ingredients from nature, we hope to deliver the miracle of beautiful skin,
And with the essence of clean natural care cultivated by the gift of nature, we will deliver beauty in its unchanging clean, green and natural state.

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Maiim Health Food With the mind of nature,
health and healthier...

The warming heart of sunlight that wishes for health in all, the strong heart of the earth…
Like the mind of nature that wishes for a healthy beauty, we wish for you to build a healthy beautiful life.
By carefully selecting only the cleanest of natural ingredients cultivated in a healthy environment,
We deliver health in its natural form.

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Maiim Vision Village A place where the culture of nature exists

Flowers, trees, woods and water
That is why we have incorporated the dreams of people in nature’s story.
A place to feel nature, touch nature, and breathe nature.
A place to enjoy beautiful healthy culture in pleasant nature.
It is the communication center of Maiim, the Maiim Vision Village.

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2383, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea, 06711 TEL +82. 2. 2186. 6300 FAX +82. 2. 3473. 3244