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Timeless Vitamin Solution, Vieta

Luxury Vitality Skin vitality delivered by the
synergy effect of vitamin and
amino acid

13 pure vitamins obtained from nature and essential amino acids(Bio Active Complex) similar with 17
types of stratum corneum animate and vitalize the skin and the plant compound(Melighter) that keeps
the skin pure and delivers healthy beauty to fatigued skin.

  • Bio Active Complex (patent no. 10-0490212)17 types of amino acid compounds that possess amino acid component ratio similar with that of
    stratum corneum
  • Melighter (patent no. 10-0614467)A medicinal plant compound that creates clean skin tone

Power Lifting Care Power lifting that fills up the
skin with health

Natural plant complex component(R-Evener), which lifts the moisture level with highly hydrating care,
natural plant compound (Phyto-Dewer), which keeps the skin healthy, and hydroxyproline, with the
contractile activity of collagen fiber and the protective effect of elastin, hydrates and lifts the skin and
fills it up with nutrients and moisture, and the adenosine component, which is great at wrinkle improvement,
manages the signs of cutaneous ageing, thus ensuring moist, firm skin.

  • Phyto-Dewer (patent no. 10-0574233)Natural plant compound that keeps the skin moist and healthy through its high hydrating function and
    antioxidative activity
  • R-Evener (patent no. 10-0614465)A natural plant compound containing the root bark of ulmus davidiana, lily, pinellia ternata, bletilla
    striata, and paeonia japonica extract which promote the skin’s moisture level and firmness

Advanced Delivery Solution Vitamin energy delivered
deeply and more powerfully
to the skin

With PIT Emulsion Technology, which turns the highly nourishing components of Vieta into ultrafine
powders to promote skin transference and absorption, and with Oleosome component extracted
from Safflower, which helps keep the skin barrier healthy, Vieta’s highly concentrated, highly nourishing,
highly hydrating rich components are able to lightly and freshly deliver a deep impact onto the skin.

2383, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea, 06711 TEL +82. 2. 2186. 6300 FAX +82. 2. 3473. 3244