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Rahel ALOTech System

Aloe Moisturizing Care Moisturize your skin through
aloe which delivers deep

Highly concentrated aloe polysaccharide and Maiim hydrating patent component, hosta longipes
extract’s hydrating component are delivered quickly and effectively to the skin through the skin friendly
Lipid Crystal Watersome technology, and deeply hydrates the skin.

  • ALO-Moisture Renewal Tech (ALO-MR Tech) A system that effectively delivers the active hydrating component of highly concentrated aloe which
    provide rich moisture and hosta longipes extract (patent 10-0949390)

Aloe Soothing Care Relieve your skin through the
moist soothing effect

The rich moisture of aloe component comfortably relieves the skin irritated from being dry and its
troubles, and the balance between oil and moisture on the skin and helps reclaim the original supple
and healthy skin.

  • ALO-Soothing Renewal Tech (ALO-SR Tech)Highly concentrated aloe juice and Ecocert certified component, Eco Herb Complex (oregano, spearmint,
    lemon balm) richly moisturizes the skin and provides comfortable soothing effect
  • ALOPLEX DRA compound containing highly concentrated aloe with rich moisture, and selaginella lepidophylla and
    agrimonia pilosa l. extract derived through WDD(Water Drip Distillation) method, it moisturizes the dry
    skin and soothes it.
  • ALOPLEX NRA compound containing highly concentrated aloe with rich moisture, Eco Herb Complex processed
    through M·F (Micro Filtration Method) method, and S.NMF component which is similar to a natural skin
    moisture barrier, it gives concentrated hydrating effect.

    The moment which will be gone is better than blooming flower.

Aloe Hydro-Brightening Care Provide water gloss to your
skin through moisture coating
and whitening effect

The moisture coating treatment of 3 steps of natural hydration, which forms a skin moisture barrier that
prevents the loss of and maintenance of moisture, and has nourishing effect, and with the whitening
effect of niacinamide, the skin is kept bright and splendid with gloss.

  • 3 Step - ALO Care Solution
    3 step nature hydration presented by aloe
    A 3 step nature hydration system of Alo-Coating method that contains highly concentrated aloe which
    provides and maintains moisture for a long time and locks the skin by forming a natural moisture
    barrier, which also contains hydractin and phytogenine component.
  • ALO-Brightening Renewal Tech (ALO-BR Tech)Highly concentrated Aloesin and whitening component brighten and radiate the dull skin
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