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Golden Time Treatment

Heal-being The magic of oriental herbs and botanical extracts

O’classic exclusively features the finest botanical-derived classic ingredients. The wonderful synergy of Oriental
herbs sourced from the purity of earth, and botanical extract compounds that are effective against skin
concerns. Allow your skin to discover the amazing mysteries behind O’classic.

  • Oriental Phyto Treatment ComplexA botanical complex soothes the skin and enhances its power with euphorbiaceae, white tea, rhodiola sachalinensis, tussilago farfara, and mistletoe leaf extract.

Refresh Basic Mineral water works together
with pure gold to refresh overly
tired skin

The ultimate source of skin vitality is water! The effects on skin tend to differ based on moisture levels.
Premium skin care that harnesses highly pure mineral water and pure gold provided from Mother Nature
will nurture women’s skin back to its natural beauty and health.

  • Dual Gold TherapyA radiance effect instills a moist glow on the skin by merging rich mineral water with pure gold.

Volume Revitalizing Maiim Pep-3 component
tends to the signs of aging

Maiim technology, truly prestigious natural therapy! The Maiim Pep-3 peptide delicately tends to even the slightest signs of aging. Experience skin lifting care on a different level with the advanced technology power of
Maiim Pep-3 .

  • Maiim Pep-3An advanced peptide blended with botanical-derived components to enhance skin absorption of peptides,
    which amount to a complex of 3 representative amino acids that form collagen.
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