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  • O'classic
  • Jaon
  • Vieta
  • Fresh Garden
  • Joyin

The aesthetic of Oriental Medicine that transcends time

Harmoniously balanced skin

By reclaiming the balance that has been lost in disrupted skin, this allows for a healthy skin foundation
and maintains a stabilized condition.

  • Temperature control of skin / OnryangKeeps balance with the carefully chosen components of agastache rugosa, perilla frutescens, cimicifuga,
    and prunella vulgaris.

Undisrupted skin flow

Promotes the innate function of the skin by freeing up the congested, dull skin flow and revitalizing it.

  • Ultra-High Pressure ExtractExhibits complex efficacy through extractions made from polygonatum officinale, pinus densiflora root,
    eleutherococcus senticosus, pomegranate, and lycium fruit and other components from various plants.
  • Oriental Medicine Root ExtractCombined remedy of active components such as pinellia ternata, lily, paeonia japonica, root bark of
    ulmus davidiana, and bletilla striata.

Enriched and
enhanced skin

Adds beneficial energy by realizing a harmonious state with proper balance and deals with the changes
of environment and time by filling in the lacking vitality and luster.

  • Oriental medicine, known as the medicine of Heaven, Earth, and Full Moon
    Through the use of wild grass enzyme, 12 herbal medicines are fermented for 24 months
  • Red Ginseng WaterThe component inherent in ginseng is directly transferred through the 9–step repetitive steaming and
    fermenting process, allowing the water to become enriched with massive amounts of active components
    as a result.
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